Thursday, 3 August 2017

Bolognese Buns

Now known as Bog Buns!

We are often stuck for what to have for lunch on the weekend, also these would make a great picnic option as well.  I had a small amount of bolognese sauce left over just enough to be annoying, and would probably have ended up in the bin, until I had the bright idea to pop it inside a bread roll!

My dough was made from my Perfect White Bread recipe, I let this prove the first time, and then portioned the dough into 10 pieces, the dough weighed 1kg, so 10 100g pieces.  Then I rolled these out into about 5 or 6 inch circles, made a dent in the middle with my tablespoon measure and then popped a tablespoon of bolognese sauce into the dent topped with some brie.  Pull the dough up around the filling and twist to form a seal. Turn the bun over so the seal is downwards and cup the dough and turn in circles to create a nice tight bun. Place on a sheet covered with baking paper. Cover and let double in size, glaze with an egg and milk mix and then sprinkle with freshly grated parmesan.

Just use this idea for any fillings, leftover curried chicken, semi dried tomato with brie and salami. Just use your imagination.

Bolgnese Buns
Golden parmesan crusted rolls with a surprise in the middle! 

Inside picture of Bun
Inside the bun is spicy bolognese sauce and melted brie

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